Yoga Nidra
Continuing Education

For Yoga Teachers

Genuine rest forms one of the foundations of our health and well-being. Deep relaxation is a huge stress reliever and forms the ground for restoration and healing. At the same time, it’s the place from which new energy arises, and new ideas start to bloom. And Yet…this space seems not so easy to find or fit into our daily lives.

Yoga Nidra takes your hand and gently shows you the way to your own place of profound rest and deep relaxation. And the beauty is that even though it has its roots in the ancient scriptures, It is also one of the most accessible practices of yoga there is.

This training combines knowledge about the science of rest with the ancient teachings of yoga nidra. Making it very clear why this practice is so powerful, healing, and helpful in many different ways. 

Yoga Nidra works on the deeper layers of consciousness. In order to guide others, your own experience is a must.  Therefore your own practice, process, and self-reflection will be an important part of this training. There will be space and guidance for your own journey. 

You’ll learn about Yoga Nidra’s history and the different lineages. You’ll dive into the science of sleep and the workings of your nervous system. And how they relate to Yoga Nidra. You learn about the structure of a Yoga Nidra and how to build one. You will explore which techniques to use, what their benefits and contra-indications are, and how to share them authentically. 

In order for people to truly relax, there must be a safe and inclusive space.  We’ll dive into this subject too. The ability to create and hold a safe, inclusive space is essential for everyone sharing the practice of yoga nidra or any other form of yoga. And…more awareness around this subject is a huge asset for life in general. 

This training is for you when you are interested in your own personal development. It will be a deep dive into your own being and of great support in your personal journey. Next to this, you’ll learn the tools to create a yoga nidra and how to deliver it. During this training you will be guided through this teaching process so you leave with a self-made yoga nidra, ready to share in an authentic and safe way.


Training and Practice

  • yoga nidra practice 
  • learning & practicing mindfulness techniques; pranayama, body rotations, etc.
  • working with San Kalpa
  • creating a Yoga Nidra practice
  • practice teaching


  • the workings of the nervous system 
  • intro to polyvagal theory
  • the science of relaxation and sleep

Teaching Methodology

  • holding a safe and inclusive space
  • the structure of a Yoga Nidra practice
  • how to choose your techniques
  • different ways to integrate your San Kalpa
  • how to deliver/transmit Yoga Nidra
  • how to support your students with their experiences

Philosophy and Energetics

  • the history and different lineages of Yoga Nidra
  • the Koshas
  • Samskaras
  • basic intro to Chakras
  • working with energy


  • practical assignments
  • create your own Yoga Nidra


On the final weekend, there will be a practical exam, delivering a Yoga Nidra Practice.

Required Reading

The manual is provided by us and is included in the price of the course. In addition to the manual, the following books are required:

  • Yoga Nidra – Swami Satyananda Saraswati
  • Yoga Nidra, the art of transformational sleep – Kamini Desai

Optional additions/recommendations

  • Yoga Nidra – Richard Miller
  • Yoga Nidra Made Easy – Uma Dinsmore -Tuli & Nirlipta Tuli
  • Enlightenment Without God – Sri Swami Rama (a commentary on the mandukya Upanishad, find it online as a pdf)

Daily Schedule

8:30 – 9:30 | Practice; Asana, Pranayama, and Yoga Nidra

9:45 – 11:30 | Themed talks, exploration and discussion 

11:30 -12:30 | Yoga Nidra practice 

12:30 – 13:30 | Lunch break

13:30 – 17:00 | Exploring mindfulness techniques, practice teaching, yoga nidra

Dates (3 weekends)

  • 16 – 17 March
  • 30 – 31 March
  • 13 – 14 April


This training will be a deep dive into your own personal journey 

Your own practice forms the foundation. A daily yoga nidra practice (recordings at home are fine;) during the course of the training is highly recommended.

There will be homework assignments after the first two weekends.


This training is not appropriate for those with a history of psychosis.


This training program qualifies as Continuing Education hours for Yoga Alliance registered teachers.

Teaching faculty

This Teacher Training is led by Fleur van Zonneveld. She is honored and excited to guide you through this process of transformation and learning.

Fleur van Zonneveld

Being a dancer, the body always has been fascinating to Fleur. Her dancing years taught her so much about that body. And then she found out about yoga…It felt so familiar, but yet so different. The more yoga she experienced the more she discovered the deeper layers that can be found beyond the physical body. And the deep interconnection of body, breath, emotions, mind, and the subconscious. Fleur loves to bring Western knowledge and ancient yoga teachings together so that yoga can be used practically in the midst of the waves of modern life. For Fleur yoga is a way to explore yourself. To connect deeper to your own truth. So in every yoga experience, she creates a space where you can go on a journey with and within yourself. Through gentle vinyasa yoga, breathwork, restorative, yin, meditation, energetics, yoga nidra, sound practices, and yoga therapy practices, she supports you to experience yourself and life in a conscious way. Over the past 15 years, she has been teaching, guiding workshops, teacher trainings, and immersions and recently graduated as a yoga therapist.

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