Privacy Policy

1. Yagoy collects personal data from registration to keep a file of its Members and for the processing of payment. Yagoy shall be careful while collecting this data and will always comply with the applicable Data Protection Act regulations (GDPR).

2. Yagoy will also use the personal data as mentioned in section 1 to keep the Members informed about Yagoy activities, and possible changes including but not limited to class teacher or schedule. If the Student does not want to receive any communication from Yagoy, they can opt-out by sending an email to The Member is informed that in such a case they may not be able to make use of all Yagoy services and products.

3. Yagoy will never transfer any personal data of the Students to a third party without prior written consent.

4. All details that students share with Yagoy, including personal data and all private and health issues, are honoured as private in nature and are handled with the highest care and protection.