Yin Yoga Teacher Training (200 hr RYT)

'Dive deep into the physical and energetic anatomy of the body'

Yin yoga seems to become more and more important in this high-paced society, which is very yang-like. This yang energy is a more active, outwards, and awake energy. Yin energy is a more inward and passive energy. When we don’t counter our yang energy with yin qualities, like taking time and space to go inwards, eventually this energy can become depleted and we feel stressed out.

We use the yin practice to open the body and unwind, to release any stress, tension, and tiredness out of our being and we let go of stories that the mind created. By doing so we can come back to our natural energy, our natural state, where we can be the fullest expression of ourselves. The poses are designed to hold for several minutes, which gives us enough time to go inwards and observe whatever is present. Often we find this confronting and challenging because we become aware of the work we have to do on either physical, emotional, or mental level. The yin practice provides tools to be with what comes to the surface and to find a way to be at ease with it. What this practice brings is different for everybody, but you will be amazed by the effects of a yin practice.

This 200 hour program is ideal for students who want to improve their knowledge and deepen their practice. As a result of this you can become a yoga teacher. We will dive deep into the physical and energetic anatomy of the body, which will give you insight into how these can work for you and your students. In this program you will learn how to read the human body and find out and explore that every body is different. So every body needs different adjustments. Once we have laid the foundation of ‘the physical poses’, we will go deeper into the energetic body. You will learn about the chakras and the meridians, how these can benefit you in your practice and daily life. With all these experiences and knowledge, you will feel empowered to share, demonstrate and instruct the meditative practice of yin yoga.


Registration & class card TT discount

When registration opens, the form will be available through a link at the bottom of this page. We have a set maximum of 26 attendants per training to assure personal attention and focus on quality. During the length of your Teacher Training a Sometimes Yagoy pass (10 classes within 3 months) is 70€ instead of 100€. You can buy this pass on the first day of your training at the desk.


Free introduction workshops

We want you to be able to find out if you will feel at home at Yagoy, in the space, and also in the style of teaching taught in this TT, therefore we invite you to the free pre TT workshops where you can enjoy a 60-minute practice with Shari and Jonas, hear more about the training details and ask your questions. The location of the workshops is same as the trainings: Yagoy Pijp, Karel du Jardinstraat 33 BG.

Dates to be announced in early 2022


In this Yin Yoga Teacher Training program, we build a strong understanding of the body by studying the anatomy of the physical body. Next to anatomy this training illustrates how the meridian system unites all parts of the body into an integrated energetic net of fascia. The chakras are presented as the coordinating centersof the meridian system and as doorways to higher consciousness. With this knowledge, you will be able to create personalized and therapeutic yin yoga classes suited for everyone’s physical and energetic needs.

“The backbone of the yin yoga teacher training is anatomy, because without an understanding of muscles and joints,true confidence in teaching is elusive. This anatomical insight is crucial when dealing with injuries, contraindications and the logic of adjustments and variations. Anatomy is a vast subject but the basics, properly understood, clarifies and simplifies all yoga practice, regardless of style.” – Paul Grilley


  • Basic yoga Philosophy
  • History of yin yoga and the theory of exercise
  • Principles of yin yoga

Anatomy and physiology

  • Skeletal variations and their importance in teaching yoga (tension vs. compression)
    • Target area’s and functional analysis of the asanas
  • 14 skeletal segments, 10 muscle groups, 7 archetypal asanas
    • Leg/torso mandala (functional approach of yoga)
    • Anatomy of the upper body
    • Fascia and connective tissue

Energetic Anatomy

  • Chi & meridians
  • Chinese Medicine Philosophy and the 5 elements
  • Organs & Chi and how to recognize imbalance
  • Chakra’s


  • Daily practice, yin yoga, pranayama, meditation
  • Personal development
  • Creating a personal practice

Teaching methodology

  • How to teach yin yoga and sequencing in yin yoga (from an anatomical point of view)
  • Observe the anatomic difference in students and applying proper adjustment
  • Find your voice, understand voice modulation, and build awareness of your presence in the classroom
  • How to communicate effectively the value of yin yoga
    (function & aesthetics)
  • Responsibilities and ethics of a yoga teacher
  • How to use props and adjustments with teaching

Master classes

  • Ayurveda
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Breathwork
  • Pranayama
  • Chakras
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Anatomy
  • Mindfulness


  • Practical assignments
  • Written assignments
  • Teaching exam


In the final weekend, there will be a written and practical exam, plus full, active participation in all weekends is most important.

Required literature

The leading yin yoga teacher training manual is provided by us and is included in the price of the course. In addition to the manual, the following books are required:

  • Yin Yoga: Principles and Practice – 10th Anniversary Edition | Paul Grilley
  • The Key Muscles of Yoga | Ray Long
  • The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga: The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga | Bernie Clark

Optional additions/recommendations

  • Your Body, Your Yoga |Bernie Clark
  • Anatomy of movement | Blandine Calais-Germain
  • Thieme Atlas of anatomy, general anatomy, and musculoskeletal system | Michael Schünke, Erik Schulte
  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali | Translation and Commentary by Sri Swami Satchidananda
  • The Living Gita | The Complete Bhagavad Gita: a Commentary for Modern Readers

All books can be ordered online (Amazon.com or bol.com)


Daily schedule


18:30-21:30 | Master Class

Saturdays and Sundays:

09:00-10:15 | Practice (meditation, pranayama, asana)

10:30-12:30 | Theory

12:30-13:30 | Lunch break

13:30-16:15 | Practicing your skills

16:30-17:00 | Closing practice



(10 weekends spread over ten months in 2022 & 2023)



You should have a consistent, dedicated yoga practice and a strong desire to learn and explore the modern teachings of yoga. Within this Teacher Training, you are required to practice yin yoga at least once a week and at least once a month with Shari or Jonas. Expect to work hard, explore your possibilities as a teacher, and come away with a deep awareness of who you are.


After graduating from this Teacher Training you are eligible for a Yoga Alliance RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher who has finished a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School (RYS)).

Teaching faculty

This Teacher Training is led by Shari Iskandar and Jonas Nathan. They are honoured and excited to guide you through this process of transformation and learning. Also, several guest teachers with their own expertise will teach themed workshops over the course of the training.

Shari Iskandar

Shari started practicing yoga in 2008, but only when she discovered yin yoga a few years later yoga became such an important part of her life. Always expecting a lot of herself, she started studying Econometrics and worked for different startup companies. That combined with a stressful family situation, she ended up with a burn out. She could hardly get out of bed, think clearly or do something simple like preparing food. Her body said stop,but her mind couldnt stop, luckily in that period yin yoga crossed her path. It helped her immensely to connect with her body again and guided her back to a peaceful state of mind.


She decided to fully follow her heart. To dive deeper into the yin yoga practice, she joined a Yin Yoga Teacher Training with José de Groot. Also she started to study Kinesiology based on traditional Chinese medicine and dedicated more time to her meditation practice. Apart from the teachings from José, she learned a lot from assisting Daphne Luttger in her teacher training.More recently she found a way to incorporate Ayurveda into her daily life with teachings ofTory Hyndman. Shari enjoys being a student, so she is currently doing a training to become a life coach and has a Restorative Yoga training planned later this year.


Practicing yoga and meditation is such a gift to herself every day and Shari loves to share this with others. She combines all that has helped her so much in her classes and emphasizes on embracing the softness and the yin qualities in your life. To be soft and gentle towards your body and mind, to being present with what is right now and letting go of what you no longer need in your life.

Jonas Nathan

Jonas startedpracticing yoga in the middle of his transformation. He came from a totally different life where he was struggling with addiction and a busy lifestyle, he knew that there was more to life. He was aware that he was suffering and one day he was ready to change. Eight years ago he chose a sober life and startedto practice yoga. In the beginning more yang-like yoga, but when yin yoga crossed his path he fell in love. Jonas found a way to go inwards and to deal with whatever was there. It’s a path he chose to heal himself and at the same time to feel good in his body and mind.


He has worked with many teachers, on and off the mat. The core yin philosophy he learned form Joséde Groot, but expanded his horizons with Chinese Medicine philosophy and Ayurveda. Especially working with teachers offthe mat gave him great insight in his being. He uses these experiences and knowledge in his classes to give what he once so gratefully received. His study on yoga, spirituality and anatomy is an ongoing process.


Jonas believes in the path of Love. In his classes he creates a warm and friendly environment. He gives you tools to unwind and connect with your inner self. His classes are constant reminders of who we truly are. He doesn’t usethe body to come into the poses, but the poses to come into the body. He also strongly believes that every-body can practice yoga as yin yoga is designed to meet physical, mental and emotional needs of every human being.

Shari and Jonas crossed paths during their first yin training with José de Groot. Both went through their own process at the time, as this is the reason for most people to start yoga. The love for yin yoga created a path and slowly brought them together. A relationship that wasn’t always sunshine in the beginning, but they knew and felt this relationship was different. Practicing together and studying yin yoga and spirituality became a big part of their day to day life. They found each other in a space were they could be themselves and stimulate each other to grow. They strongly believe that a relationship can only work when both are working on themselves. At a certain point the sun was shining and a new life was born, their daughter Uma. Setting an example how a relationship can be they decided to work together and express their love for yin yoga. This is how they gave life to this 200 hour yin yoga teacher training.

Training Overview

You will be able to download the training flyer including dates and a summary of subjects here soon!