Yagoy Heart

Where you donate Yoga Your Way


We believe that more yoga for more people will make the world a healthier and happier place. Through Yagoy HEART we seek to bring yoga to people and places that without this initiative would be left out.

From July 2015 on, we offer free yoga and meditation classes at the Vrijwilligersacademie. Here, volunteers in the informal health care of Amsterdam come together. By training these lovely volunteers, we facilitate them to pass yoga on to their clients (homeless people, ex drug addicts, isolated elderly, minority groups, terminal patients, people with mental health issues).


Through donations that are paid by you at free community events (like the awesome 108 Sun Salutations) – for the Grow & Flow classes and as Charity Fee when you are too late canceling a class you did not attend, we have raised resources to pay teachers of Yagoy a fixed amount to teach these classes. So YES: you are not donating money. You are donating Yoga this way!

We offer 4 types of classes here: Yoga & Power – Yoga & Relaxation – Yoga & Energy – Yoga & Meditation.


Our ambition is to make yoga more affordable, accessible and applicable. This initiative brings free yoga to a place where people would otherwise not have the time or resources to reach. And we focus on a different application of Yoga every week. We believe that through these classes, not only the volunteers at the Vrijwilligersacademie can benefit from yoga, but that they can pass what they learnt on the yoga mat on to their clients.


Interested in teaching a Yagoy HEART class? We are always looking forward to meet new teachers who love to share their yoga with the community. Please send an email to info@yagoy.nl and we will reach out with a happy smile!