Book Andrew


My introduction to body work was at the age of nine; my Indonesian grandmother
often asked me to "pidjit" (massage) her neck and shoulders.
Years later, in 2001, I got my first two degrees in Reiki and during the following years, I explored the path of massage by taking different courses of massage on the chair, table and mat; especially holistic Esalen massage and Thai Yoga massage.

My grandmother used to praise the strength of my hands, but during the course of years I have learned that at times tender pressure and subtle techniques can be just
as effective. 
By combining Reiki and different kinds of massage I invite my clients to relax, and
their body and soul to release tension and pain.

Andrew offers Relax massage.

Book Angela


I am dedicated to serve and hold space for healing for almost 15 years. I started with
Yoga philosophy and energy works and continued with the practice and massage
therapy adventures.
While assessing a client, I make use of my fascination with The Art and Science of Yoga, classic & Thai Yoga massage training, alongside my Intuition.

To restore the Sense of Harmony we learn to Relax. 
To let go. To trust.
We learn to Tune In and Listen!
Join me in Relaxation!
The Cosmos is always playing Divine Sounds!
I love to Dance, therefore I Listen!

Angela offers Relax, Power, Sun, Moon, and Explore massage from the Thai tradition.

Book Leander


After seeing an 80-year- old man give a yoga demonstration I decided I should start practicing as well. I was studying physics at the time, but found myself getting more and more interested in yoga and spirituality. In the end, I quit my studies and went off to work in a national park in the jungle of Peru. I felt really good amidst the monkeys and ended up staying for 3 years.

Somehow this all led to doing bodywork and acrobatics and even more yoga. When I came back I did several massage courses and studied for 4 years at the Iocal Shiatsu school with Kazunori Sasaki. Later I went
to India for half a year to study yoga.

Leander offers Relax, Power, Sun, and Explore massage from the Shiatsu tradition.

Book Gregory


Combining traditional Thai acupressure and massage with supported movement and stretching from vinyasa yoga, I endeavour to create a nurturing environment for each client. My fascination with body mechanics and their connection to mindfulness began when I first came to my yoga mat in 2001.

During the following years, I was fortunate to study with teachers across the US from various yoga lineages, In Spring 2014, I left a twenty-year career in fashion to devote my full attention to the study, practice, and teaching of yoga. I found, what I considered to be, a perfect complement to my yoga practice in traditional Thai massage, and completed training at the world renown Wat Pho school in Bangkok.

Gregory offers Explore massage from the Thai tradition.

Book Manuela


I was introduced to massage and energy healing 15 years ago in Italy and I have been exploring them ever since. In the past 5 years, travelling through Oceania and India I focused on improving my skills and moving towards a more holistic and balanced lifestyle.

My massages and sessions are tailored on the client’s needs. They combine the knowledge I have of the human body through massage and as a yoga teacher, and of the energetic bodies as Reiki practitioner.

I love working with women and mamas, supporting them in such a special process of the female journey. But I also worked with athletes, corporate men and climbers. The common thread is that despite the differences we all want to feel more connected with ourselves, relaxed and able to move through life with lightness.

Manuela offers Relax, Moon, and Explore massage from the Thai tradition.

Book Filippo


My name is Filippo, I am an Italian physiotherapist specialized in manual treatment of the soft tissue. I have been working with athletes of all kinds and all levels, helping them to release muscular tension and recover from fatigue and soreness after training or events to regain muscle balance. This allows their body to restore its functionality and enhances overall body wellness.

The spectrum of techniques I use is broad, from sport massage to deep tissue and trigger points.
I have been practicing yoga at Yagoy since I moved to Amsterdam one year ago as part of my weekly training routine in order to keep my body flexible and ease my mind.

Filippo offers Power massage.