Your 200 hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training

‘Based on the teachings of Paul & Suzee Grilley’

Yin yoga gives you the tools to slowly Open up and get ready to Explore the underlying depths of your physical, mental and emotional being. The result is more balance, flexibility and peace. Yin yoga has incredibly increased in popularity the last few years, finding naturally its place in the yoga world where yang forms of practice are prominent. Yin yoga is not intended as a complete practice in itself, but rather as a complement to more active forms of yoga and exercise. Yin yoga is a practice that is slow, restful, meditative and sometimes emotionally challenging or even painful, because you can be dramatically confronted with your emotions. It can be painful, but in a good way. The feeling that you are left with after a yin yoga practice can be amazing!

This 200-hour intensive program is an ideal choice for dedicated students and yoga teachers who wish to improve their knowledge of yin yoga and are keen to enhance their knowledge of the anatomical and energetic theories of yoga practice. You will be empowered to share, demonstrate and instruct the meditative practice of yin yoga. Balancing and improving your own practice is essential in this journey.

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FREE INTRODUCTION WORKSHOP? We want you to be able to find out if you will feel home at Yagoy, in the space, and also in the style of teaching taught in this TT, therefore we invite you to the free pre TT workshops where you can enjoy a 60 minute practice with Hellen, hear more about the training details and ask your questions. You can sign up for these workshop by sending an email to See below the dates:

Friday September 8th | 19:00 – 21:00 | with Hellen @ the Pijp studio
Sunday November 19th | 15:00 – 17:00 | with Hellen @ the Pijp studio


You should have a consistent, dedicated yoga practice and a strong desire to learn and explore the modern teachings of yoga. Expect to work hard, to explore your possibilities as a teacher, and come away with a deep awareness of who you are.

* During this TT you are expected to attend a minimum of two Open & Explore (Yin) yoga classes per week, from which at least one with Hellen van der Harten, the lead teacher of the training.
* Good news: the Sometimes Your Way (10 classes within 3 months) is 40€ instead of 85€ during your training.


In this Yin Yoga Teacher Training program, we build a strong understanding of the body by studying the anatomy of the physical body. Next to anatomy this training illustrates how the meridian system unites all parts of the body into an integrated energetic net of fascia. The chakras are presented as the coordinating centres of the meridian system and as doorways to higher consciousness. With this knowledge, you will be able to create personalised and therapeutic yin yoga classes suited for everyone’s physical and energetic needs.
“The backbone of the yin yoga teacher training is anatomy because without an understanding of muscles and joints true confidence in teaching is elusive. This anatomical insight is crucial when dealing with injuries, contraindications and the logic of adjustments and variations. Anatomy is a vast subject but the basics, properly understood, clarifies and simplifies all yoga practice, regardless of style.” – Paul Grilley

In summary, the curriculum of this 200-hour intensive training comprises 4 sections:


• The learning prescription (Shravana, Manana, Nididhyasa)
• The underlying principles (tattvas) of yin yoga
• Understanding yin yoga versus yang yoga
• History of yin yoga and the theory of exercise
• Chi and meridians
• Chakra Theory

Anatomy and physiology

• Skeletal variations and their importance in teaching yoga (tension versus compression)
• Target area’s and functionality analysis of the postures
• Three layers of a joint and analysis of 14 joint segments
• Leg/torso mandala (functional approach of yoga)
• Anatomy of the upper body
• Fascia Theory


• Yin yoga asanas (20 main yin yoga poses)
• Analysis of yoga poses
• Yang yoga sequences (Flying Dragon, Golden Seed, Advanced Warrior)
• Assisted yin yoga practice

Teaching Methodology

• How to teach yin yoga and sequencing in yin yoga (from anatomical point of view)
• How to communicate effectively the value of yin yoga 
(function & aesthetics)
• Responsibilities and ethics of a yoga teacher
• Props and adjustments


This 200 training is for anyone who is interested in becoming a yin yoga teacher or desires to enrich, enhance and deepen their knowledge and own personal yin practice.
You will gain these tools by observing, teaching fellow trainees, assisting and adjusting students, reading, discussing, and diving deeply into your personal yin yoga practice. This exciting and enriching yin yoga program requires dedication and can be a truly transformative experience.
We warmly welcome dedicated yoga practitioners with at least 1 year of yoga experience and/or equivalent knowledge and training. Please feel free to contact us ( to discuss your personal motivation.


This Teacher Training is designed and lead by Hellen van der Harten , one of our senior Open & Explore (yin yoga) teachers. She is a highly dedicated yin practitioner and has studied intensively with Paul & Suzee Grilley and Anat Geiger.

Hellen van der Harten
“Discovering yin yoga is one of the best things that has happened in my life”. As an independent filmmaker and mother of two children, my life was very hectic, very yang-like. I used to do a lot of gymnastics to keep in shape, but when I discovered Yoga it felt like coming home. The deep meditative and relaxing effects of yoga and specially yin yoga balanced my life so well that I love to share the experience and practice with others.”
Hellen started with Pilates 20 years ago now. A few years later she discovered yoga. It was love at first ‘practice’. She followed lots of different classes, workshops en intensives with several teachers (Sarah Powers, Jill Satterfield and many others). She has completed two levels of Vinyasa Teacher Training certifications (RYT-300) and a Yin Yoga Teacher Training certification(RYT-200) with Anat Geiger, Marcel van de Vis-Heil and Johan Noorloos at YogaGarden Amsterdam since then and has worked as Student Coach at Yoga Garden Teacher Trainings.
Besides her study at Yoga Garden, Hellen has studied Yin Yoga with José de Groot and with Paul and Suzee Grilley.
She is still studying with Paul and Suzee Grilley and follows ‘the Svastha Yoga Therapy Program’ with Dr. Günter Niessen and Dr. Ganesh Mohan. Hellen is registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT 200, RYT 500).


We have invited several guest yoga teachers to share their expert knowledge with you through practice and lectures on many exciting topics:

“Rolfing and yoga connect me deeply with who I am and what I feel. Both help me to quiet the mind and enable me to transform inner struggles and tension into softness and freedom.”

Marielle Kemna is a Rolfing practitioner, movement practitioner and yoga teacher. She is passionate about using movement and the power of touch as a tool for transformation. Marielle has worked for 10 years with clients and students to connect with their own unique body, on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. She completed her Rolfing education in Munich and Brazil. Additionally, she trained with Hubert Godard in Switzerland. She also studied with Max Strom, Tara Stiles and David Swenson. She holds three years of teaching experience in anatomy and deep tissue massage techniques at a HBO Bachelor Program of Massage Therapy in Amsterdam. She also worked there as a project leader, co-designing the 4 year curriculum with the team of teachers and directors.

As a Rolfer, one of the foundations is working with fascia. “Working with fascia is magic. It touches the deepest place of your being. That place that cannot be expressed in words. It touches the fabric of your whole being. What you’re made of, what holds you together. It unites everything that you are. Touching that, is touching the mystery of life. My passion as a Rolfer and yoga teacher is that: to connect you to that place. To feel deeply alive. In my teaching, I’m very interactive, playful and experiential. I like to create meaningful dialogue, ask questions and helping you to find your own unique answers.”

“Even though I started out as a Vinyasa yogini and still really enjoy the dynamics and warmth of a flow practice, when I got introduced to Yin yoga it felt like I had found the missing link; not only to balance out my Yang-(Vinyasa-)practice, but also my (at times) very ‘Yangish’ daily life. In Yin yoga I find the perfect combination of yoga and mindfulness meditation; the no-striving and compassionate attitude, the softening and practicing with themes like letting go and acceptance, they all help me to feel more content and at ease, on and off the mat.”

Nina is the owner of a yogastudio in Zwaag (NH), where she teaches yoga and mindfulness. She followed her 500hours teacher training with Yogateacher, led by Anat Geiger, Johan Noorloos and Marcel van de Vis. She also studied with Manju Jois (Ashtanga yoga primary series) and is still studying with Paul and Suzee Grilley. Nina teacher mindfulness to groups as well as individuals. To keep her practice and teaching fresh and inspired, she regularly goes to workshops and intensives with other teachers, such as Frits Koster, Sarah Powers, Shiva Rea and David Lurey and attends more-day Vipassana silence retreats. Nina is registered with Yoga Alliance (E-RYT & RYT).

“My yoga mat is where I go everyday to reconnect, re-align and bring balance to her body, mind, and life. I believe that yoga is a beautiful, healing and powerful practice which encourages mindfulness, awareness and acceptance.” 


Tianjin grew up in a healthy household in Sydney and went with her mum to her first yoga class at a very young age. Over the years as she studied, worked in the corporate and food industries, started her family business; Flawless Feast and traveled, her yoga practice was something she always turned to. She practiced many styles and her practice deepened, deciding to become a teacher with the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA) in Australia. She started teaching in Australia, continued to further her yoga education and then relocated to Amsterdam to continue this journey. Tianjin teaches Vinyasa, Yin Yang, Yin, Relax & Restore, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga with a focus on the seasons. She often refers to the main organ systems (meridians / energy pathways) of the body, inspired by the Japanese Ryoho style (and Traditional Chinese Medicine) which she practiced under her Mentor in Australia. Her Ayurveda studies also play a large role in her teachings. Her classes adapt with the ever-changing seasons as they affect the way we move in our body and how the mind functions. Through particular yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, and establishing a realistic daily routine, Tianjin believes that we can keep our bodies and minds vital and healthy as we move through the seasons.

“Understanding the connection between my physical body, my thoughts, my emotions and my energy body has been, and continues to be, the most transformative and empowering practice in my life.”

Melanie is an experienced Pranic Healing practitioner and instructor. Pranic Healing is a comprehensive system of energetic medicine which helps prevent and alleviate physical and psychological ailments. Through empowering individual and group sessions in meditation and energetic medicine, Melanie is passionate about contributing to people’s self-awareness and wellbeing. During her 15 year career in Fashion Management, Melanie experienced first-hand the pressures and stress of corporate and daily life. An eternal student, she aims to help people bring more balance and peace into their lives.

Mitchell is an experienced acupuncturist, trained in both Classical Chinese Acupuncture and Japanese Acupuncture. His profession as acupuncturist and holistic coach has provided him with years of experience in working on an energetic level, while guiding and supporting people in their search for health and balance.


Discovering yoga in the late 90s, his practice has always primarily been a solitary one, which has helped create a strong foundation in his personal relationship with yoga. He began teaching yoga in 2014 after following a Hatha Yoga teacher training at Yoga Point in Utrecht and a Yin Yoga teacher training at Yoga Garden in Amsterdam.
Mitchell is co-founder of Holistisch Centrum ZIJN in Haarlem, where he offers acupuncture treatments and daily yoga classes. He is a passionate nature-lover, fascinated with this great system and with our roll as humans within it.

Dorien“It was love at first sight, when I attended my first yoga class on Ibiza in 2008. It felt like finally coming back into my body, after being predominantly mind-focused in my Psychology studies. It is Yoga that makes me happy, by allowing me to feel love and to let it flow, not only within myself but also in my relationships with others. It intrigues me that body, mind, and personal development flow together within yoga and I feel grateful that I can guide people in their individual processes”.

What is special to Dorien about teaching yoga is to guide people, and to help them open up to the wisdom of their body and to overall surrender – allowing real flow to arise. Also in other aspects of her profession, as a trainer and coach, she teaches people to experience their own strength, (self)love, and energy. After being employed at a coaching company for 6 years, she started my own enterprise in 2013. As such, she coaches and gives workshops within the field of personal development and leadership, female strength and vulnerability. Furthermore, her work focuses on mindfulness, vitality and happiness, and she guide family constellations.



The leading yin yoga teacher training manual is provided by us and is included in the price of the course. In addition to the manual, the following book is required:

• Paul Grilley, Yin Yoga: Principles and Practice – 10th Anniversary Edition (October 2012), ISBN 978-1-935952-70-1
• Ray Long, The Key Muscles of Yoga (November 2009), ISBN 978-1-607432388
• Bernie Clark, The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga: The Philosophy and Practice of Yin Yoga (White Cloud Press, Ashland, OR, 2012), ISBN 978-1-935952-50-3

Highly recommended:

• Bernie Clark, Your Body, Your Yoga (March 2016), ISBN 978-0-968766-53-8
• Michael Schuenke, Erik Schulte, Udo Schumacher, Thieme atlas of anatomy general anatomy and musculoskeletal system (Thieme Medical Publishers Inc, May 2014), ISBN 978-1-604069-22-8

All books can be ordered online. Click on the book-title and you will be redirected to an online bookstore.


We highly suggest that you start taking at least 2 yin yoga / Open & Explore classes per week, every week, leading up to your Yagoy Yin Yoga Teacher Training. This will help you become more familiar with basic yin yoga postures and will allow you to dive deeper into your training.

In order to meet Hellen and find out if this yin yoga program matches your wishes, check the Yagoy class schedule. Also: please feel free to schedule a meeting with her by sending an email:

We do really want to make sure you get all the chances to find out if this Yagoy Yin Yoga Teacher Training is what you are looking for and is going to be the place where you feel home.

Program per weekend and time

• Fridays: 18:30 – 21:00 workshops
• Saturdays: 10:00 – 17:00 workshops + yin yoga practice
• Sundays: 10:00 – 17:00 workshops + yin yoga practice

During the training you will be expected to attend a minimum of 2 Open & Explore (Yin) yoga classes per week, at least one of which with Hellen. Regular practice is key to applying what you are learning during the teacher training. These classes are also amazing opportunities to interact more personally with Hellen and see your continuous progresses!

You will be expected to hand in assignments during the program. Nothing to worry about: this homework should not take more than 2-3h of your time for each monthly teacher training session.

In the final weekend, as an exam, you will be teaching a yin class together with one or two fellow students.

Dates 2018

• January 26/27/28
• February 23/24/25
• March 23/24/25
• April 20/21/22
• June 8/9/10
• July 6/7/8
• Aug & Sept 31/1/2
• October 5/6/7
• November 2/3/4
• Nov & Dec 30/1/2 (final exam weekend)


• Early Bird Price €2000 | paid in full before 1 November 2017
• Normal Price €2200
• Paid in 3 terms €2300 (see more details in Registration Package below)

Free Introductory Workshops

Friday September 8th | 19:00 – 21:00 | with Hellen @ the Pijp studio
Sunday November 19th | 15:00 – 17:00 | with Hellen @ the Pijp studio

How do I register?

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