why an Ayurveda inspired menu?

Welcome to the Yagoy Seasonal Lounge where you get to experience the healing elements of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is a medical science which focuses on the art of healing through our daily living. It is translated as “knowledge or wisdom of life” and its purpose is to heal and maintain the quality and longevity of life.

Ayurveda regards food and its role in daily life in a unique and integrated way. It focuses on the individuals constitution, intelligent food combination and the extensive use of herbs and spices to help balance and make foods more compatible. This aids digestion and increases digestive fire (agni).

Also living according to ayurvedic science, means acknowledging the beauty and transformation that changes of season bring along. Ayurveda recognizes the following 3 seasons, they are each characterized by a constitution,depending on where you are located in the world

Vata (autumn/ winter): Nov – Feb
Kapha (Spring): March – June
Pitta (Summer): July – Oct

The food we consume should be of optimal quality using as much organic and unprocessed food as possibly. Healthy healing food is like a rejuvenating tonic to the tissues and to our digestion.

Check out our current menu @ the Pijp.

Open daily  from 10:00 – 15:00.

Pitta menu launching 18th of July in West and Pijp!